Community services

{YVF} Research, advocacy and lobbing services.

Our community service programs reaches out to youth and women who have been in conflict with the law with the aim of rehabilitating and economically empowering them. It also reaches out the general public through community sensitisation on human rights and the law in order to prevent them from commiting crimes

This is done through the following programs:


  • Economic Empowerment program

    The program provides practical skills to vulnerable youth to ensure that they are economically sustained for self-reliance. This is done through formation of saccos, trainings, and marketing

  • Rehabilitation Program

    The program identifies re-offenders through community leaders, police and the prison services. It provides counseling to ex-convicts and dialogues with families and communities inorder to accept and recieve them. We encourage family-offender engagements, community-offender engagements with an aim of offering psychosoial support. Through these sessions we are in position to assess the level at which the convict is coping. These sessions further help the convict evaluate his potiential which YVF helps to improve through the economic empowerement department for purposes of making them self reliant.

  • Preventive Program

    This program reaches out to the entire community through outreaches, community sensitization, radio and t.v programs on human rights issues, crime prevention, drug use, Sexual and Gender Based violence, Alcohol purposely to change atitudde towards crime. This program ensures the community is engaged to prevent occurance of crime and natureing an informes citizenry.