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What We Do At {YVF}

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The Yearning Voices Foundation attends to a number of unprivileged and vulnerable groups of people in the country, under this initiative, the Yearning Voices Foundation attends to repeat Offenders, Prostitutes, Drug addicts, street children and women (those who live in poverty) with a continuum range of services and program, the Yearning Voices Foundation operates a series of projects that aims at community development and transformation of the lives of the targeted vulnerable groups.

The rehabilitation program seeks to influence practice and behavior change among our clients so that they can become better people in society. This will change wrong and misguided perceptions and judgment relating to all vulnerable groups. Most of our clients before they become part of the Foundation are always considered as community regrets who cannot add value to society. Through counseling and series of mentoring programs, the rehabilitation program helps them to identify their potentials and dreams.

It is impressive that almost everyone who visits the foundation either has a talent or a dream that he or she can use to become a better person. We have a talent identification program which has been so helpful among the repeat- offenders. Some have formed music groups, art drawing groups and drummer groups. This has contributed to reduced level of crimes mostly among prostitutes, street children and drug addicts. The program serves through the following services units.