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At YVF, we believe that volunteering is mutually beneficial both to the organization and the volunteer, in terms of experience gained and opportunities for development; they are also a means of bringing new ideas, creative ways of thinking and a different perspective to the work of the organization. We therefore endeavor to make interning at YVF a challenging, worthwhile and enjoyable experience and to engage interns in real, meaningful activities, providing them with new challenges and learning experiences. Students are offered an opportunity to acquire direct exposure to human rights work at local and international levels. The volunteer program is designed to complement law, human rights, social work, social sciences, development, and other international studies with practical experience in various aspects of democracy and human rights. Whereas assignments to interns are dependent on the intern’s knowledge and skills, attempt is made to match the interests of the intern with the needs of the organization.

Specific objectives of the Volunteer program:


  • To provide a framework by which students from diverse academic backgrounds may be assigned to YVF projects where their educational experience can be enhanced through practical work assignments;
  • To expose Voluteers to practical human rights work
  • To provide YVF with the assistance of highly qualified students specialized in various professional fields;
  • To encourage cross-cultural exchange, sharing knowledge and information and strengthening human rights respect everywhere.
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