How To Become A Member At {YVF}

YVF is a membership organisation with an organisational structure that comprises the General Assembly, Board of Trustees, Working Group, Board of Directors and the Secretariat. The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of YVF, the Board of Trustees are the custodians of YVF property and Constitution, the Working Group provides the strategic direction of the organisation especially on emerging issues, the Board of Directors formulates and supervises policy and programme implementation and the Secretariat is the implementing arm. Membership is open to all individuals who subscribe to the aims and objectives of the Foundation. The membership of YVF has grown to 148 members (58 female and 90 male) from 95 districts in Uganda and has expanded to East Africa, Africa and the Diaspora since 2015. This development implies a growth of the human rights movement. Over the years, members have contributed to realizing YVF objectives through participating in various activities and fundraising. Membership is categorized into two categories namely: Individual and Life Membership Under the YVF constitution a member is expected to pay Individual membership fees of UGX.30,000 or $15 as annual subscription, Life membership of UGX.300,000 or $150 and Organizational membership of UGX.450,000 or $170 (Four hundred fifty thousand shillings or One hundred seventy dollars). These are aimed at supporting YVF’s work and membership engagements, are you ready and able to pay these fees? Membership Roles and Responsibilities: 1. Members must subscribe to the Vision, Mission and Values of YVF. 2. Publicize the organisation; 3. Participate in on-going organisational activities; be proactive and prompt the organisation on imperative concerns that the organisation needs to take on. 4. Report incidences of human rights abuse and provide information that is used in exposing the latter.

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